Saturdays and Sundays
January 22 - April 10, 2022

Join us to deepen your knowledge of the yoga teachings and/or become a yoga teacher


Teacher Training

200 hours               

              Rhythm & Soul 


Erin Lanahan Kolenda

Yoga Class
Hands Touching

Our Intention for You

  • a formula for intelligent sequencing

  • understanding the 8 limbs and how it applies both on and off the mat

  • tapping into our intuition and activating our innate creativity 

  • the power of discernment: when and how do we choose what’s best in the moment/how to navigate in the best and highest way. Why are you saying it, why are you doing it? 

  • Knowledge of pranayama practices

  • And more!

Continue your yoga teacher training program with us in Costa Rica on retreat April 24-May 1, 2022. Learn more about this immersive experience to Recharge, Refresh & Rejuvenate HERE!