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Surrender to Serenity Retreat

Welcome to the Menu of Exclusive Retreat Offerings, beautiful. Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary – a bespoke blend of curated retreats. Whether you’re yearning for a personalized escape or seeking to co-create an immersive experience, let’s transcend the realms of individual sessions and pre-packaged retreats together. Your unique path to self-discovery awaits.

What Sets This Retreat Apart:

Personalized Storytelling + Meditation to Ignite Your Inner Brilliance


Dive into an experience designed to unravel the layers of your narrative. Through personalized storytelling, we unearth the essence of your journey, connecting the threads of your past, present, and future. Paired with meditation, this unique fusion guides you into the core of your inner brilliance, illuminating the path to self-discovery.


Whether set against the backdrop of a destination of your choice or within the sanctuary of your own space, this exclusive retreat is a bespoke voyage into serenity, shaped by your dreams and intentions.


Embark on a private odyssey tailored exclusively for you – the Surrender to Serenity Retreat. Imagine an intimate journey where we co-create a transformative experience aligned with your deepest aspirations. Picture a tapestry woven from creative movement, mindful awareness, and the art of curated storytelling.

What You’ll Experience

    •    Intimate 1:1 sessions with me, focusing on your individual well-being goals

    •    Tailored creative movement practices to nourish your body and spirit

    •    Mindful awareness sessions for stress reduction and deep self-reflection

    •    Personalized storytelling and meditation to ignite your inner brilliance

•    A curated experience designed exclusively for you, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and empowered

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Embarking on the Surrender to Serenity Retreat is a commitment to your unique journey, tailored with the utmost care. The investment encompasses not just the day rate for our transformative sessions but also the thoughtful considerations for travel to ensure your experience is seamless and elevated.


Day Rate:

The day rate for the Surrender to Serenity Retreat is a personalized investment, meticulously crafted to align with the depth and richness of your bespoke experience. To tailor your retreat precisely to your needs, we will discuss the day rate, travel costs (including 4-star or above accommodations and flights), and explore the duration that resonates with you.

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Options for Duration

Choose the duration that suits your rhythm and intentions, with options ranging from 3, 5, to 7 days. This flexibility allows you to immerse yourself fully in the retreat experience, with each day deepening your connection to serenity.


Preferred Travel Days:

To seamlessly integrate this retreat into your schedule, we can discuss preferred travel days. This ensures alignment with your virtual commitments, allowing you to continue serving private clients during the retreat. We can explore options that work best for you, creating a harmonious balance between your in-person and virtual engagements.

Your investment extends beyond monetary considerations; it is a commitment to your well-being, growth, and the art of surrendering to serenity.

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Radiant Renewal Retreat


Embark on a semi-private group retreat, whether it’s a getaway with your loved ones or a small gathering of friends seeking a collective transformative experience. I’ll join you at a pre-planned destination or create a bespoke retreat for your group, infusing it with the magic of creative movement and mindful awareness.


What You’ll Experience:

    •    Semi-private sessions blending movement, mindfulness, and curated storytelling

    •    Group activities fostering connection and shared growth

    •    Customized practices addressing the unique needs of each participant

    •    A sense of renewed energy and connection within your group

    •    Unforgettable moments of joy and transformation



    •    Day Rate: To be discussed

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Wanderlust Soiree Retreat


Let’s rendezvous at a pre-planned destination of your choice or join me on my travels for a solo or intimate group retreat. Immerse yourself in a curated blend of creative movement, mindful awareness, and the enchanting beauty of the chosen location. This exclusive offering is perfect for those seeking a travel adventure infused with well-being.


What You’ll Experience:

    •    A unique combination of local experiences and mindful practices

    •    Personalized movement sessions tailored to the destination

    •    Immersive cultural exploration with a focus on well-being

    •    A sense of wanderlust satisfaction and inner harmony

    •    A transformative journey that transcends both the physical and spiritual realms



    •    Day Rate: To be discussed

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