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The Magic of Three is a timely & timeless yoga series that comes in three parts:

1. Stillness

Guided Meditation with visualization and breath practice

2. Movement

Vinyasa Flow connecting breath and movement

3. Stretching

Yin Deep Stretch seated or lying down gentle practice

You can practice by theme or style. Each class is just 20-minutes so you can fit your practice into your day with more ease. If you have the time you can put three classes together for a 60-minute practice.

*Now with added accountability emails, curated playlists and journaling inspiration with the intention to help you shine both on and off the mat.

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Plus, Bonus Videos added monthly!

The Seven Chakras

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Frequently asked questions

Is Vimeo like Zoom?

Vimeo is like YouTube. It's a website that hosts videos that can be played at any time.

When can I practice with your videos?

Anytime! When you subscribe you have access to all the videos in my library.

Are these videos free?

There is a small fee to subscribe. When you subscribe you gain access to all 52 weeks of yoga classes. Each week has a unique style and each sequence is curated specifically to this series. You'll also find bonus classes here and more bonus classes will continue to be added. Please email me HERE if you have any requests. This subscription now comes with weekly accountability emails so be sure to subscribe to those as well!