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Private classes are tailored to meet your specific needs. Practicing one-on-one or in a small group with a teacher allows you to set your own goals, practice at your own pace, make adjustments for existing injuries, and even choose silence or the music you prefer. Each session is customized to what you are craving in the moment. Transform your body with creative and playful ways to expand your strength and flexibility. Tune into your mental and emotional life with attention to your breath and intention setting to anchor you to the here and the now.

At this time, all private sessions are full and are in my screened-in porch yoga studio or via Zoom.



Yoga Private Intensive
to get deeper into your yoga practice with these tailored sessions for 1-2 people.
This package is a commitment to yourself.

One 60 min private sessions/week: $444

One 90 min private sessions/month: $668


Two 60 min private sessions/week: $888

Two 90 min private sessions/week: $1,336

Three 60 min private sessions/week: $1,332

Three 90 min private sessions/week: $2,004

*auto-billed every four weeks, three month minimum


Confirm at least 8 sessions within four weeks & gain free access

to my On Demand series 

while you maintain this consistent private practice.

More details HERE!


Referral Program

Refer anyone to the yoga private intensive and receive one FREE 60 min private session as a thank you!

Single Sessions

BAM_seated meditation.jpg
Classes: Service

Online Waiver:

Upon request, each session may include Vinyasa (breath per movement)

or Yin (seated or lying down stretches), meditation, inspirational readings

or breath practice.

  • 60 min sessions are great to dive into your intention and goals.

  • 90 min sessions are perfect for more space to warm up the body specific to the areas you're needing attention to, workshop a specific shape and allow time for questions.

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