About Me


Originally from Montreal, Quebec, studied Theatre at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY, lived in Los Angeles and NYC pursuing the arts and discovered yoga as a way to calm the mind and feel good in the body. Currently based in Vero Beach, FL and a RYT 500 Yoga Instructor. I find inspiration off of the mat for unique and creative yoga teachings at each class. Every class is tailored to the setting, students and by an inspirational theme. I strive to empower and inspire my student to shine their light. I offer precise alignment cues as well as modifications to journey through class while mending an injury or expressing a more advanced practice. I love the use of descriptive words to guide practice and I also tune in to when to be silent, allowing space for each student to simply breathe.

I am mostly known for my smile;) I love to laugh! I am passionate, empathetic and love storytelling! I’m also adventurous and seek out travel and discovering new places. I get excited about active outings as well such as flying trapeze, rock climbing, high ropes courses and I did go sky diving once—once was enough! I am drawn to challenges and enjoy arm balances and going upside down in my yoga practice as well as exploring creative movement.

I love serving the world by giving each person space to express themselves in a way where their light can radiate and shine for all to see. I believe I unlock physical and emotional blockages through my yoga teachings. I take great care in guiding each student on a path that is balanced between effort and ease—where they can embrace challenge while still feeling supported; ever evolving, ever growing!

The things I am most passionate about in life are wellness, mindfulness, traveling, teaching, family, friends and being the change I wish to see in the world! I’m passionate about continually challenging my beliefs, continuing to practice self-study, read and accrue new knowledge. I am passionate about recycling and limiting single use containers/bottles, not using straws and taking care of this environment.

When I’m not busy teaching you can find me practicing yoga with my dog, Bowery, reading or being silly with my husband, Brandon.

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