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Radiate Your Light Collective

An immersive offering to complement your yoga practice. Enhance and deepen your holistic lifestyle exploring uniquely themed yoga classes so you can shine your light in the world!


  • 1 semi-private yoga classes p/month

  • 1 private yoga session/month

  • 1 guest teacher/month

  • Voxer support between classes

  • Bonus access to The Magic of Three, my Vimeo On Demand Channel


  • Community

  • Connection

  • Regular yoga practice that is tailored to your requests

  • Honor your intention so you can thrive in all you do.


  • The enthusiastic yogi that is craving to continue on the path of discovery and introspection

  • Like-minded yogis wanting to go deeper in their practice

  • Yoga Instructors and experienced yoga practitioners wanting inspiration

You may attend from anywhere in the world via Zoom

I encourage you to attend our sessions live for the greatest impact.

Sessions will also be recorded for members.


Six months at a glance

Themes to tether us

  • January: Cleanse & Reset

  • February: Self-Love

  • March: Beginner's Mind

  • April: Celebration

  • May: Let Go

  • June: Cool & Calm

Guest Teacher Topics

  • January: Nutrition
  • February: Yoga Therapy

  • March: Ayurveda    

  • April: Inversions        

  • May: Physical Therapy

  • June: Meditation


We'll begin each session with a check-in: what are you craving? So, each session is catered to your in the moment requests, intentions and needs. Within that I will infuse each month's theme through journal prompts, guided meditations, Vinyasa flow with dynamic and creative sequencing as well as Yin Deep Stretch, Slow Flow and Restorative practices.


Join this intimate and safe community where we will meditate and marinate on these unique themes. We'll have space to explore through physical, creative sequencing as well as with contemplative conversations on how these themes show up for you on the mat. We'll explore how to unpack where the edges are residing and clarify how to exude your most vibrant self!

Investment: $300/month

  • Am I ready for the Intensive?
    It depends. The intensive is for you if you are ready to carve space out to reach your goals. It truly doesn't matter how long you have been practicing yoga. This is for you if you are craving something more than a group class, something more tailored to your specific needs. This is for you if you are craving a set number of weeks where you can begin to build accountability for yourself. This is for you if you have tried to set time aside on your own and you struggle to find a consistent practice. The intensive is designed to create lasting habits that become a ritual you feel resonates for you and your lifestyle.
  • Can I still get the On Demand series for free during the Intensive if I am already subscribed?
    Yes, if you're already enjoying the on demand videos, I'll deduct the monthly subscription cost from the amount of the intensive. So, you'll receive the discount perk that way.
  • How do I schedule the private sessions?
    The best way to schedule the private sessions within the 6-week or 12-week Intensive is via my booking app HERE. If you don't see the availability you are looking for, please email me HERE.
  • What if I need to miss a private session?
    To receive the most benefit from the Intensives, I recommend maintaining one private session per week. We can schedule these around your schedule and they can vary day and time week to week if you'd like. If you are unable to make the session in person we may arrange to have the privates via zoom if you are outside of Vero Beach, FL.
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