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Elevate your practice with personalized private sessions that cater to your unique needs. Whether one-on-one or in a small group, you have the freedom to set your own goals, move at your pace, and tailor each session to your desires. Whether you prefer the soothing embrace of silence or the rhythmic beats of your favorite music, every session is crafted to meet your cravings in the moment. Immerse yourself in creative and playful approaches that nurture both strength and flexibility, while tuning into the realms of your mental and emotional well-being through intentional breathwork and setting powerful intentions to ground you in the present.


All private sessions are currently offered via Zoom, providing the flexibility to connect from the comfort of your space. For those desiring in-person sessions or special events, reach out to inquire about travel fees. Customize your experience by incorporating Vinyasa or Yin practices, meditation, inspirational readings, or breathwork based on your preferences.


Indulge in 60-minute sessions tailored to your intentions and goals. Explore specific warm-ups designed to address your unique needs, delve into workshop-style exploration of poses, and enjoy dedicated time for questions.

For 1-2 participants, the 60-minute session is priced at $222— a number associated with balance, harmony, and positive energy in numerology, signifying you are on the right path.


For the spiritually inclined group of three or more, the 60-minute semi-private session is priced at $333. The number 333 holds profound spiritual significance, symbolizing encouragement, protection, and a reminder that you are not alone on your journey. It serves as a beacon of creativity, growth, and the manifestation of your deepest desires.


Your journey towards holistic well-being begins here—welcome to a world of personalized exploration and transformation.

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