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Would you trade one fancy coffee for the chance to change your life forever?

If you are like the majority of the world right now - you could use some change.

A chance to find tranquility, manage stress/anxiety, wind down, & build your immune system.

You can find all that right here- for the price of ONE fancy coffee.

Introducing the Magic Of Three!

Experience the Magic of Three a 3-part yoga class series connecting mind, body, and soul.


Part of my mission is to bring more accessibility to the yoga practice. Yes, you can practice with this series anytime & anywhere AND now I'm offering access to my entire library for ONLY $7 per month!

This new and improved accountability series will take you through an ENTIRE year of yoga practice, with the accountability you NEED to stay on track.


At a very ACCESSIBLE price - Previously these videos were only available for a monthly subscription of $39.99.


Now with the added bonus of accountability, you can now access these videos at only $7 per month!

Each and every week you will receive an email with themed yoga videos, a journal prompt, motivational text, and even access to curated playlists that go along with each week's theme to tie it all together.

What you will get:


- Access to all 52 Weeks of Videos each weekly series including three parts each week: ($600 Value!)

1. Stillness

Guided Meditation with visualization and breath practice

2. Movement

Vinyasa Flow connecting breath and movement

3. Stretching

Yin Deep Stretch seated or lying down gentle practice

Each video is around 20 minutes long to give you small bite-sized sessions,

OR you can watch them all together for one FULL 60-minute practice.

You will also have complete access to the entire library if you are craving more, including several weeks of bonus material.

This amazing promotional period pricing will save you - $395 per year!

These last few months I have been thinking. Thinking about how I could inspire you in the same way that yoga originally inspired me. It is truly my passion to pass on the amazing benefits that yoga and a consistent yoga practice can offer.


That got me thinking of the word...consistency. I am reminded that yoga is a life-long practice. A healthy and consistent practice will help to keep the mind and body tuned for a life time of practice.


Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are. – Rolf Gates


As with anything, building a consistent yoga practice will reap physical benefits for your body. But, unlike other workouts, yoga is a work-in exercise. It is an age-old practice that not only assures your physical well-being but also manages to rejuvenate and energize your spirit.


A consistent yoga practice can mold you into a healthier, happier, and calmer person.


A consistent yoga practice can enhance your strength, improve your flexibility, make your mind powerful, and of course, relax your senses.


Even just squeezing in 20 minutes consistently can benefit you in more ways than one:

  • Improves flexibility and posture

  • Enhances your energy

  • Helps you lose weight

  • Reduces stress

  • Increases inner peace and happiness

  • Improves your concentration and intuition



Are you unsure how to manage your time and begin a consistent yoga practice?


That is where I come in… start by taking the first baby step. Start by enrolling in my Magic of Three Program.


This small investment can reap huge rewards in both your consistency and commitment to your yoga practice.


A reminder of what you will receive:


- Access to all 52 Weeks of Videos each weekly series including three parts each week ($600 Value!)

- A weekly email delivered straight to YOUR inbox each week with accountability videos, journal prompts, and even music suggestions to tie it all together. ($200 Value)


This series is designed to take you through an ENTIRE year of yoga practice, with weekly accountability!


I added even more VALUE to this series and REDUCED the price! For a limited time, you can get this amazing series (with weekly accountability) for only $7 per month!

Still not sure?

You can grab the first 3 Videos ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking the button below!

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