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VE Retreat 2023 - Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Jun 10 - 17, 2023


Connect and Nourish Yoga Retreat: 


Join your hosts Veronique Ory and Erin Kolenda for 7 days and 7 nights at the magical Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica! 


Come back home...


To your heart, to the sweet and sacred wisdom within, to your breath, to nature, to the seat of the Soul. 


Rest, Restore, Replenish, Rejuvenate, Reboot...


This retreat is designed to circle you back to your natural state of vitality and joy. 


Enjoy this amazing Pura Vida Blue Zone that invites relaxation and reconnection with self and nature. 


Nosara is known as the city of yoga, surf, and unforgettable food! 


Blue Spirit offers whimsical walking paths, a gorgeous infinity pool, easy beach access, and breathtaking yoga shalas! 


Look out on the jungle and vast Pacific Sea as you breathe and move each day on your yoga mat. These luxurious views will nourish your heart, invigorate your Soul, and support you in having the best and highest experience during your yoga retreat. 


* Deepen your Yoga practice with daily yoga practices 

* Increase your inner peace with workshops and guided meditations

* Nourish your body with fresh and vibrant foods 

* Quench your thirst for adventure with excursions and sight seeing

* Sit back and ENJOY as we facilitate this very special journey for you, that will elevate your mind, body, and spirit. 


Classes and workshops are offered for all levels for a deeper understanding of Self through movement, meditation, journaling prompts, and opportunities to share and connect in ways that we long for in our busy day-to-day lives.


In addition to daily Yoga classes and workshops, your Retreat experience will be filled with optional spa services, excursions that call to you, dips in the ocean, reading and naps by the pool, and a week of memories you'll cherish and carry with you forever. 


You'll experience One of Yoga Journal’s “Best Yoga Retreats to Book in 2022.”


Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of your Yoga practice, or a chance to nourish, restore, and rejuvenate, or to make new, high-quality connections with others, 



And if you're anything like us, you LOVE to eat and drink things that taste yummy and contribute to optimal health, well-being :-) 


Which means you're going to LOVE THIS...


Your stay at Blue Spirit includes three consciously prepared gourmet vegetarian meals a day. 

They serve fresh locally sourced fish three evenings per week and eggs every morning along with breakfast; cheese is also regularly available while their buffet always provides vegan and gluten-free options. 


To accommodate food restrictions and allergies there's a Pure Food option, offering veggies, grains and legumes cooked without any seasoning or oils. 


Blue Spirit works with local farmers to purchase organically grown produce when available and keeps a high standard of freshness and good practices to make all their meals as delicious, healthy, and vibrant as possible.


Guests RAVE about the treats at the café. If you like to start your day with a healthy superfood smoothie, fresh coconut water, or fresh vegetable juice, or perhaps prefer to indulge in an afternoon cappuccino with an assortment of freshly made gluten-free and vegan snacks, the Blue Spirit Café is your spot. 


In the evening, guests like to mingle in the relaxing atmosphere while sipping excellent organic wines or refresh with a chilled artisanal beer or kombucha. 


Your hosts, Veronique and Erin have got you COVERED. We know what makes a yoga retreat extra special and we have set forth POWERFUL intentions to create and facilitate an experience for you that will meet all your expectations and BEYOND ;-) 


Here are just a few testimonials from past retreats...


"What an incredible experience it was being with you! Indeed a gift. I told my mom that people like you two are so rare and so special. You’re athletes, spiritual leaders, enthusiastic and committed to positivity, healers, and friends. It’s amazing that people like you are available for my generation to know. 


Our trip was the perfect reset to get me consciously focused on all of the blessings in my life, which are so abundant. Your words and guided practice and meditation helped me clearly define all of the positivity that I want to hold close. My body and mind felt noticeably more open and grounded. So, so good! 


Thank you so much for all of the time and energy and love that went into putting this together. It’s clear that you both have so much love to give and it’s a big blessing to be on the receiving end!" - Courtney


"This retreat was EXACTLY what I needed. A total disconnect from the fast paced life at home that is full of distractions and “to do” lists. I was able to really live in the moment and learn some take-home practices to incorporate in my daily life. And the yoga was incredible. Every session was totally different and completely fulfilling." - McKenzie


"The growth, the lessons, the sharing and love that oozed from the depths of everyone's interactions was invaluable medicine. Amidst the sounds of the jungle, it allowed for an acclamation to our true nature; it quiets our own inner talk. 


The synergist blend of Erin's energy and Veronique made for balance that was needed. The two have a magnetic pull and balance that allows you to feel grounded but also lifted. I highly recommend letting go of any ideas of what you might think something will be for you and if the desire to show up in person happens just know that you will get exactly what your soul is needing. Thank you, Erin and Veronique, for being brave enough to show up for others so powerfully." - Rebecca


"The jungle + Erin & Veronique + the Pura Vida vibes allowed me to reconnect with God & Spirit in such a refreshing and nourishing way.  Together Erin & Veronique are a dynamic duo that generate creativity, positivity, light and so much love for all of those looking to begin or deepen their yoga practice.  I highly recommend pressing the 'pause button' on life to attend one of these events to connect, learn, and refill your cup!" -Erica



Once you confirm your reservation here, please sign our required waiver HERE.

What’s included

  • Accommodations

    7 days and 7 nights at Blue Spirit Costa Rica

  • Meals

    3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

  • Daily Yoga Classes

    2x a day with Veronique & Erin

  • Wireless Internet

  • Salt Water Infinity Pool

    The environmentally friendly saltwater pool located near the Main Building has views of the mountains and the jungle surrounding Blue Spirit.

  • Guiones Beach Access

    Blue Spirit sits atop of a hillside overlooking a three-mile-long white sand beach along the Pacific Ocean.

  • Workshops

    We offer workshops that are uniquely tailored to the best and highest group experience 

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